Mission Accomplished 

  • Renovation & Repair Makafui Foundation  + Food for orphanage
  • Back to School supplies in Ahepe Village
  • Tuition paid for Students
  • Financial support for local Pastors in Gboto, Asrama, Lome, and Notse
  • Support farmers in Togo.
  • Support Education in Haiti
  • Started small business (tailor) in Togo

Emile Abitor

recent programs

We partnered with The Makafui Foundation in Lome, Togo.  FOI sent a team to repair several structural issues at the orphanage including roof, flooring, and paint. 

Foundation History

  1. 1997 - Emile Abitor moves to America from Togo
  2. Emile was personally sending financial support to orphanages, churches, clinics and students. 1997 -2010
  3. 2010FOI is launched. Sending financial support to those in need around the world.
  4. FOI continues to support thousands by providing clothes,school supplies, food, shelter to those in need.

Moved by Compassion Giving Generously

"FOI" Faith Oasis International

Up Coming 

Helping build local church   Donate Here

mission & vision

FOI” is a nonprofit organization that impacts the world through humanitarian aid, evangelism, training, education, and community empowerment. Love - Connect - Serve

I was born poor and the only thing I knew growing up was suffering. Even though we were living in extreme poverty, my father always said "think about your brothers and sisters." This grew in me the Spirit of Compassion. Any time I see the needy I am moved to help.

Emile Abitor

Our founder