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Olivier's Story

While on a mission trip in 2012 I (Emile) encountered Olivier and his mother in tears. As I approached them, they told me that Olivier could not take his Middle School exit exam because they do not have the money to pay the tuition. For that reason, the school is withholding his student ID card. This was on Sunday and the exam was on Tuesday. FOI was able to pay the tuition of $12.00. Olivier passed his exam at the top of his class and is now about to graduate from high school. Your support made this happened. Thank you, Thank you.

Thousands and thousands are in worst situations than Olivier andare in need of our support.

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For more than 15 years, Emile Abitor, founder of  "FOI" Faith Oasis International has devoted his energy to passionately advocating for the orphans, needy and hungry. FOI with its staff is reaching out to your compassion in fighting poverty around the world.


Sally Meyer

Secretary, Nurse, Creative fundraising,

Hope in Action

  • Humanitarian needs in Africa
  • Feeding children in Togo
  • Literacy training

For the needy, suffering isn't seasonal but everyday way of life. Please join FOI in bringing hope to the hopeless through your generous giving. 

"No one gets use to suffering. Poverty only brings death." Emile Abitor

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"FOI" Faith Oasis International

  • Approved World Missions Credit. 

Steven Hedgecoth Pastor, Community Leader.

Emile Abitor

FOI Founder, Author, Minister,Entrepreneur.

“FOI” is a nonprofit organization that impacts the world through humanitarian aid, evangelism, training, education, and community empowerment.

Back to School. FOI was able to send school supplies and school shoes to children in Togo. Your generosity makes a difference. Thank you for giving.